Our Aims - HFCT

Funding Priorities

The trustees have decided to prioritise funding for charities focused on health or education, and in particular those that work in their local communities and which involve significant contributions from volunteers.

The trust will support requests for core funding as well as project-based grants.

Services that the trust is keen to support include:

  • Specialist health and support services for children
  • Services providing support for mental health
  • Provision of education for the economically deprived

The trust prefers to support charities with annual income below £250,000.

Grants can be provided on an annual basis for up to three years, subject to the receipt of satisfactory progress reports.

Applications should be supported by annual accounts.


The following will not be considered:

  • Individual requests for grants
  • Non-registered charities
  • National charities (only regional projects will be considered)
  • Organisations with specific religious or political agendas
  • Organisations that focus on influencing policy