Healey Family Charitable Trust

The Healey Family Charitable Trust is a grant-making charitable trust founded in 2021.

We focus on funding UK registered charities that focus on health and education. Typically we support smaller charities with a high reliance on volunteers and that are focused on their local communities, as we feel this is where our funding can have the greatest impact.

We understand the challenges for small charities in raising funds. So we have made the application process straightfoward and tend to offer funding over several years to give visibility and enable planning.

We have supported charities working in areas including mental health, cancer research, surgery for children with facial disfigurement, people with disabilities, funding school buildings, and supporting hospices among others.

We generally offer grants worth up to £1,000 and are happy to fund charities’ core costs.

The trustees take a close interest in the progress of the charities they support, and projects shortlisted for grants will usually be visited or contacted by a trustee and progress updates will often be a condition of funding.